BASEC – Quick start

In order to submit applications for research projects according to the Swiss Human research act of 2014, please use the online portal BASEC. All Swiss Ethics Committees (on research involving humans) use BASEC to receive and manage research projects.

How to find BASEC?

Use this link:

How to register?

In the upper right corner or in the lower right corner of the screen there is a button labelled login.
Please press this button. Look at the section First login and enter the email address you want to use and choose a password.

How to log in?

Use the same login button you used for the registration. Enter your registered email address and your password.

How to submit a new application?

To submit a new application click on Submit an application in the menu bar on top of the screen:


The first option: Research Project Application Form is what you are looking for if you prepare a new application. Click on “Submit an application”:

You will find a series of screens, which change according to your entries. These screens replace the old “base form”. After you filled in the screens go to the upload section (Screen 6) to provide all the necessary application documents.

(If your project involves more than one research site, you have to use one or several of the screens 7-13 to add additional centres and documents.)

Next: go to screen 14 to finish the submission process.

If you have not filled out all mandatory fields, a red warning will appear. When you have provided all the necessary information and documents select first submission of this project at the bottom of screen 14 and click on Validate and send.

How to submit documents for an older application?

To submit new documents for an application originally submitted before BASEC, click on Submit an application in the menu bar on top of the screen.
The second option: Form for updating projects initially submitted outside of BASEC is what you are looking for if you want to send updates for an application initially submitted before the introduction of BASEC. Click on Submit an application.

Fill out the form and provide the old EC application number. You can upload all necessary documents you want to submit to your EC(s). This creates a new project number, e.g. PB_2016-00010. All further communication concerning this study will now be handled over this account and this new number.

Do not create more than one application form in BASEC for the same project. More people can be invited by the account holder to use this form for submitting documents.

How to submit a jurisdictional inquiry or a support request?

Click on Submit an application in the menu bar on top of the screen. The third option: Inquiries / Support Request is what you are looking for if you have a question concerning jurisdiction or support.

Fill out the form and submit your request.

Note: Some EC will charge you for their work if you have a jurisdictional inquiry. Please check your competent ECs homepage first.


Questions? Please consult the FAQ section.  
If you cannot find an answer to your question please use the support request form for BASEC related questions.
For general questions concerning applications contact your competent EC directly.