Transfer of a project to another account

If you need to hand over a project to a new organisation/person or party, you can request a transfer of the project form from your account to another account.

The request for the transfer is done by email to the (Lead-) Ethics committee. The current account's owner and the future account's owner must be added in cc: to the email.

The email must include the BASEC ID number of the concerned project, the current account's email address and the account's email address to which the project should be transferred. 

The Ethics Committee can refuse a transfer of the project if the request does not fulfill the requirements.

Projects can only be transferred to already existing accounts. The new person/organisation responsible for the project needs to have an account on

Important : If your project has a safety submission form ("SN_20YY-xxxxx"), please also indicate if the transfer concerns the main project form only or if the transfer concerns the safety submission form only, or both forms. Before requesting the transfer of the safety submission form, the accont owner must clarify that the treatment assignments in a blinded project are not revealed to unauthorized persons by transferring the safety submission form to the new account. Failure to do so may result in inspection findings and invalidate your research project.