Entering dates / date picker oddities

Only the month (not the exact day) is known

If only the month is known, please select the last day of the month in the date picker.

The Today and Done buttons don't work as I expected

Dates have to be entered through a date picker popup (no manual entry possible).

A date only ends up in the underlying field through clicking on the day in the calendar popup.

If you click on the button Today it won't insert todays's date, instead it just jumps to todays's date and day in the calendar.

To actually enter today's date you'd then have to click on the day in the calendar.

The button Done also does not enter anything in the field. It just closes the calendar popup.

How to enter dates more/less than 10 years in the past / in the future

The calendar popup initially only allows a date entry up to 10 years in the past or in the future.
To enter a date >10 years in the past or future do the following:

  • Enter a date ten years from now (or ten years in the past)
  • close the calendar popup
  • reopen the calendar popup
  • now the calendar allows dates >10 years in the future or in the past


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