I filled out the form for non-clinical trial and just realised it’s a clinical trial. Will I lose all my data?

Short answer

Some already entered data that's no more needed for the newly selected type of project will eventually be lost.

Long answer

Because the submission system uses only one form for all the different research project types (clinical, involving persons, further use), not all form fields are always visible and/or always required to fill in.

For example: You only need to upload a proof of GCP training on screen 6 for clinical trials/projects. Or: the questions about data material on screen 3 only show up if you selected the option further use research under Your application concerns on screen 1.

In general: if you change an answer to questions where you have to select from predefined values (dropdown, radio buttons, etc.), and if the answer determines whether further questions have to be answered, previously entered answers to dependent questions might get lost.

Uploaded documents are not lost until you submit the project.

For example: You have selected clinical trial on screen 1 and you upload a "proof of GCP-training" document on screen 6, category 7. Later you switch to option two on screen 1: Research involving persons, but not a clinical trial. The GCP-document will no longer be visible on screen 6 (because it isn't required anymore), but it's not gone: if you switch back to clinical trial on screen 1, you will find the previously uploaded GCP-document again on screen 6.

But there are other questions on the form where you can lose your previous answer, if you change your answer to a connected question.

Note: once you submit your project, all answers that are no more needed for your specific type of project, will be dropped.