I get script warnings in Firefox

BASEC uses Javascript program code for certain features. This code is executed in your Browser. In Firefox the default timeout for script execution time is usually set to 10 seconds. This might not be enough to run certain scripts in BASEC.

If this happens you get a dialog box with a warning  about a pending script and the question whether you want to continue its execution or abort. If you click on abort the screen in BASEC will probably don't work anymore.

Your options are to either click on the button to continue execution, or to increase the default timeout for Javascripts in Firefox. The latter is easy to do, but involves several steps and might collide with the security settings in your IT-environment (check with your local IT-support if in doubt).

The procedure to increase the timeout setting is e.g. described here. A value of 45 should be enough for BASEC.

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