Research projects involving human embryonic stem cells

Research projects involving human embryonic stem cells (derived from surplus embryos) are regulated in Switzerland by the Stem Cell Research Act (StRA).

Such research projects must be submitted to the (Lead-) Ethics Committee electronically through BASEC using the submission form «Clarification of responsibility/support request/research project in accordance with the stem cells research act (StrRA)». Submissions per email will be rejected.

To open a submission form, login into BASEC, go to "submit an application" in the top menu bar, and select “submit an application” right below "Clarification of responsibility...".
From the drop-down menu "type of request" select "Research project which involves embryonic stem cells in accordance with StRA”.
Fill in all the fields and upload the required documents when prompted to do so. Click on "submit" at page 2 to submit the form to the (Lead-) ethics committee. An automatic generated email is sent to the submitter after a successful submission. 

Detailed information on the regulatory requirements to obtain a licence from or submit a notification to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) to conduct research projects involving human embryonic stem cell is available on