How to collaborate on a submission

Collaborating via the submission form

The submission form allows to invite other people to collaborate on a submission. The project owner manages the rights to access and to contribute to the research project by means of the "Manage invitations" screen. The link to access the "Manager invitation" screen is located on the left sites right below the lists of screens (see next picture).

The invited party (the contributor) must have a BASEC account. See here on how to register.

The project owner can invite one or more contributors to contribute to the submission or to update a specific research project, by entering the email address of in the appropriate field. 

The project owner can individually manage the screen(s) the contributor should be able to access and see or edit by selecting the appropriate checkboxes in front of the screen(s) name(s), 

and by choosing the collaboration mode ("full access" or "read-only access"). "Full access" means that the contributor can edit the data.

The contributor will always be able to see the summary of the screens s/he was given access to by the project owner (the screen "Submission summary" is active per default).

Once invited, the contributor receives an email with the direct link to the research project application form, s/he has been invited to contribute to. A banner above the projects name indicates the contributor that s/he should contribute to the specified project, and by whom s/he has been invited (email address or the project owner). (See next picture.)

If the submission is ongoing, the contributor clicks on "continue" to start collaborating on the submission.

While the contributor is working on the research project's submission, the submission form is updated live, without any delay. There is no track-change mode.

Once the contributor has finished its contribution, s/he clicks on "mark as completed". An email confirming the completion of the collaboration is automatically sent to the project owner. Once the submission form is set to "completed" the contributor can no longer edit the data entered but s/he can still consult these data (by clicking on "view") as well as download a PDF of the screens s/he had been invited to collaborate to.

Note: The contributor can not submit the application form directly to the Ethics Committee, only the project owner can.

The project owner receives an email informing that the contributor has completed her/his contribution to the project. The message contains a direct link to the project owner's own account.

Under "Manage invitations", the project owner can:

  • Invite the contributor to contribute again, modify or not the screens the contributor should be able to access, and decide the mode of access (full access or read-only).

  • Revoke the access. The contributor will no longer be able to access the project and this will no longer be displayed on his/her account. The project owner can decide to notify the former contributor or not of the revocation. The former contributor's name remains on the project record, under "manage invitations", and can be reinvited later, if needed. 

  • Do not change anything. The contributor will be able to view the screens s/he had been invited to work on and download a PDF of these screens.

If a project is submitted by the project owner to the Ethics Committee before the contributors have marked their contributions as completed, they will no longer be able to edit the application form, but they will be able to view the screens they were invited to contribute to.

Once the project is reopened by the Ethics Committee, the project owner is the only person who can edit the application form. S/he can invite the contributors again, invite new contributors, and set their access rights (i.e. which screens the contributors should be able to access in mode "full access" or "read-only").

Important points about the feature "Collaboration" 

  • As the Initiator of a research project, the project owner is the "master" of the submission: only the project owner can invite contributors and submit the research project to an Ethics Committee.

  • The contributor "submits" to the project owner after having finished his/her input by clicking on "Submit" (the contributor does not submit to the Ethics Committee). The project owner is immediately informed by an automatic email. The final submission to the Ethics Committee has to be done by the project owner who started the project (i.e. open the project, go to the "Summary Screen" and click on "Submit").

  • The project owner may revoke or modify a contributor's access to a project or invite new contributors at any time in the screen "Manage invitations". 

  • The project owner decides who can access which screen. S/he also decides who should have the rights to edit a project ("full access"), or to only see the screens ("read-only access").

  • Modifications done by the contributor are entered "live" in the form. The project owner can directly and instantly see the modifications as they are made. 

  • Once the research project has been submitted by the project owner to the Ethics Committee, the contributor keeps the rights to view the screens s/he was invited to contribute to.