New BASEC frontend interface

The submission portal at has a new graphical interface with new features that are explained below.


The “Login” button is now located at the top right corner in the menu bar:


My account

After login, the "My account" menu is displayed in the top right corner in the menu bar.

Manage my applications view

The “manage my applications” has been redesigned and offers the following new features:

screenshot new interface

1. You can now display the projects in your account in either list (table) view or as blocks, the picture shows the list view.

2. With this button you may export a list of the projects in your account (in Excel file format). This export outputs only the parameters you see in the project list, not the complete contents of the projects. If you need the inputs you've made in your projects, you'd need to open the project(s) and download a PDF overview on the last screen of the submission form.

3. You can search for a specific project. You can search with single key words and Project IDs (=BASEC numbers).

4. The Filter button displays a popup window where you may filter the project list by form used (e.g. safety and notification reporting form, clarification of responsibility, … or by your role in a project (submitter / contributor).

5./5a. List of projects in your account. This list is sortable by clicking on the arrows in the column-title fields, and with the + button top right you may set which columns available (=project parameters) should be shown.
At the bottom right of the project table you can set the pagination for your list, i.e. how many projects should be shown at once.
The columns can be reordered at pleasure, left click on the column you want to move, hold and move the column to the desired place.